22 Design-Forward COMFORTABLE Sleeper Sofa Beds That Make Your Eyes Happy And Your Guests Sleep Well

Unlike, say, buying chairs or coffee tables, a sleeper sofa is more about comfort than style—after all, your guests will be spending 8 hours or more on this piece of furniture. When researching the best sleeper sofas, we took the time to consult with friends and colleagues alike to find out about their experiences with sofa beds. We read through many customer reviews, and researched expert advice about the difference between sofa beds and sleeper sofas.
We are proud to report that our Comfort and Buffalo leathers have outstanding test results. Please keep in mind that the structure of the leather on a covered sofa looks slightly different than on the swatch – when stretched, the grain will appear slightly smoother. Over time, the leather acquires an individual character of its own, becoming more and more beautiful.
Two round bolster pillows are included to match with this green mid century modern sofa. Sofa sleepers are the perfect way to save space in your home while still providing a comfortable place to sleep. And with our wide selection of modern sofa, you can choose the perfect one for your space. Don’t settle for ordinary seating when you can have the best of both worlds with our sofa sleepers. Transform your living room into a cozy guest bedroom whenever the need arises. Upgrade your home with the best sofa sleeper options available in the market today.
Customizable fabric and size options ensure a sofa bed experience so cozy your guest will never want to go home. If your new sectional couch won’t fit in your home, none of these other shopping tips matter. Like your Pop probably used to tell you, it’s worth measuring twice just to be absolutely sure. Allow about three extra feet on all sides for proper flow around the new piece. Inside, all modern showroom ‘s surprisingly durable (especially among the other cheap sectional couches in our roundup). Each of the seat cushions is packed with high-density foam and bolstered with hand-tied springs that ensure they’re uber-comfy and resistant to sagging, too.
To determine the best sleeper sofas, we put six sofas to the test in our own living rooms. First, we took note of how long it took for each sofa to arrive and what the setup process was like, including how many boxes it arrived in and how long it took to build. We then did a thorough examination of each sofa, evaluating the feel and quality of the frame and upholstery. We also took note of whether the upholstery was made of a performance fabric, and whether the sofa was available in a range of colors and fabrics. When it’s time to sleep, it only takes a few minutes to pull out the bed.
It may seem like a given, but color choice is as important as material. As the largest item of furniture, you can turn your sofa into a feature with brighter greens, yellows or pinks. You may be more minimalistic in your approach, selecting something common like the generic black, white, gray, brown or blue.
Many reviewers commented on just how easy this cheap sectional was to assemble—in most cases it required less than 30 minutes with zero tools necessary. Plus it disassembles just as effortlessly for easy transport when you decide to move. Our team found some reviewers thought the assembly could have been easier. The durability is decent, but you shouldn’t expect this sectional to last 20 years.