10 Best School Fundraising Ideas Proven Ways to Raise Money for Your School

Unfortunately, many school systems face severe underfunding. There’s a registration fee to enter and at the end, you pass out prizes for fastest time, best costume, fastest team, etc. There’s an admission fee to compete and the winner takes half the money collected at the door to enter and/or watch the competition.
Consider making tie-dye shirts as a team in your school colors. Using easy folding techniques, dye shirts with fun patterns like a heart, rainbow, or bullseye. Keep kids active, engaged, and involved this fall semester with back-to-school fundraising.
Each team will have 12 home games and 12 away games, which means you’ll have to cover field permits and fees for any scheduled home games. The ABC Fundraising® Custom Travel Mug Fundraiser
is one of our newest volleyball fundraisers. Be sure to promote the event ahead of time so that players, families, and fans can adjust their plans accordingly and ensure a large enough turnout to make a profit. Bring in all kinds of new and exciting food trucks to boost excitement surrounding the event.
We provide free brochures, order forms, and cash collection envelopes. easy school fundraisers can use the money you collect to pay for your order. Your Valentine’s Day school fundraiser can be loosely based around Valentine’s Day, without being specifically about it.
Gratitude has been shown to have positive emotional, cognitive, and mental benefits. Have them use the campaign hashtag as well, so that you can easily find and interact with the user-generated content. You could also raffle off a few baskets with bigger ticket items. For example, one basket could contain a $50 gift card to a popular store and another one an iPad. Advertise your pumpkin smash by distributing flyers and posting about it on social media.
Once supporters make donations, encourage them to use your social media sharing buttons to tell their friends. Help your whole community nurture a love of reading with a used-book sale. Collect gently used books of all types, then have students help sort and price them (or simply charge $1 for paperbacks and $2 for hardbacks). Hold your sale on its own, or pair up with sporting events or other activities. Ask local businesses if they’d be willing to put bins by the cash register to college spare change donations for your school.
To maximize your online donations or sales, make sure your message is personal and make sure your potential supporters know exactly what school band expenses the funds will pay for. For a fundraising blitz, gather your high school band students in the gym for an hour. Have them make calls and social media posts to see who can generate the most donations. The winner can earn a prize, or maybe just bragging rights.
On the day of the hunt, start all the teams off at the same time and award a prize to the team that finds all the clues first. Open your school’s doors or use a local community building to host a Thanksgiving dinner for charity. Charge students, parents and other community members for tickets to the event and work with local businesses and restaurants to cater a complete Thanksgiving feast. Turn your school into a movie theater for an evening of fun and fundraising.